Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Spooky Trip to the Phoenix Zoo

On Halloween, Scotty and I both happened to have the day off. We took a trip to the Phoenix Zoo. I thought I'd share some pictures from our visit.

I love all zoos that are focused on sustaining wildlife and preserving the lives of animals around the world. The Phoenix Zoo is currently undergoing some renovations and there's construction around, but it was a really fun visit nonetheless. I was particularly excited to see the komodo dragon babies they have visiting from San Diego Zoo!

Me at the Phoenix Zoo
Making friends with a komodo dragon.
 Komodo Dragon at the Phoenix Zoo

Komodo Dragon at the Phoenix Zoo

Baby Komodo Dragon at the Phoenix Zoo
A baby - they live in trees when they are young to avoid predators (including adult komodos!)

Aldabra Tortoise at the Phoenix Zoo
An aldabra tortoise.

Cow at the Phoenix Zoo
A cute cow in the petting zoo/farm area.
Iguana at the Phoenix Zoo
An iguana munching! I wish Loki would eat her greens with this much excitement.

Petting stingrays
The stingray tank!