The Herd

Since moving to our new home in March 2011, we've gone from one animal (our bearded dragon Loki) to seven! I love animals and love caring for them and watching them grow.

Loki is our bearded dragon. We got her as a baby from Petsmart in June of 2010. Bearded dragons are a species of lizard native to Australia. They are wonderful, smart, engaging little creatures and Loki has a lot of personality!

Read more about Loki here.

Genbu is our leopard tortoise. We got him from a pet store in April of 2011. He is going to live a long time and grow much larger than his current size but for now we are enjoying how funny and stubborn he is. He loves to eat and explore his current enclosure.

Read more about Genbu here.

Mochi and Inari are finches we have owned since August of 2011. Mochi is a society finch and Inari is a spice finch. They are so much fun to watch.

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Sneakers is a black and white longhaired cat who was born sometime in 1997. He can be a grumpy old man - or a playful kitty. He originally belonged to my grandmother, then my parents, and now us. He loves to play with his "mousies," watch the birds, and hang out in the most comfortable spot possible.

Read more about Sneakers here.

Isis is a black and white shorthaired cat probably born sometime in 2009. She was a stray we found at our house, possibly left behind by the previous owners. She basically invited herself in and has stayed ever since! She is a petite, clumsy little kitty who is always good for a laugh.

Read more about Isis here.

Raiden is our newest addition. He is a purebred Chinese Crested puppy born in October, 2011. He is full of energy and so much fun! He loves his toys, especially anything that is good to chew on, and he is learning the "ropes" around the house!

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