Monday, December 19, 2011

DePhoMo: 8 - 18

8. Our hallway frames.
Closeup of hallway frames

9. My parents-in-law at Tempe Marketplace.
Scott and Virginia

 10. Sneakers.

11. Scotty and Raiden with Christmas crackers.
Scotty and Raiden

 12. Dessert one night. (Click on the image for instructions!)

13. Chris and Alicia's Christmas card photo.
Chris & Alicia's Christmas Photo

14. Raiden and Scotty.

15. Some of our holiday decorations.

16. Loki in my hoodie.

17. My mom and stepdad's dog Ruger.

 18. My brother PJ with Raiden in his pocket. PJ and Raiden

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DePhoMo: 1 - 7

Every December I like to try to do the DePhoMo project, which is one photo every day during December. Here's what I have for the first seven days in December...

1. Our new puppy Raiden (post on him coming soon!) playing in his room. Yes, he has a whole room to himself at the moment.
Raiden the Chinese Crested puppy

2. Raiden with a toy.
17. Raiden, Color

3. Looking in our front window.
Moo-ry Christmas

4. Raiden in his sweater, wondering why he has to be outside.
Dapper Raiden

5. Loki being chill.

6. The chair Scotty's grandfather made for him - only temporarily being used to keep the cat food away from the puppy.
Scotty's Chair

7. Raiden.