Saturday, March 9, 2013

Repticon 2013

We spent this morning in Phoenix at Repticon - a smallish reptile convention. It wasn't big enough for us to spend the whole day there, but it made for a really fun Saturday morning.

Some pictures...

An iguana with his blankie

Monitor Lizard
A monitor lizard (fun fact, monitors are very intelligent for lizards and some can even count)

I can't remember what this guy was... maybe a juvenile monitor.

Bearded Dragons
Juvenile bearded dragons

Eyelash Crested Gecko
A very friendly eyelash crested gecko

Eyelash Crested Gecko
If I got a gecko, it'd be one of these guys :)

Me with a Tarantula
Me, with a very gentle tarantula

AND, my favorite part... baby tortoise racing!

Baby Tortoise Races

It was the cutest thing ever... it was put on as a fundraiser by the Arizona Herpetological Association. You could put a dollar towards your favorite tortoise to win. We put a dollar towards one named Flash (pictured above). That worked out pretty well as you can see from the video of that race here (it's short. And adorable).

I found this necklace there that I liked.

New Necklace


Afterwards, we went to MacAlpine's Soda Fountain. It's sandwiched between two antique stores and the whole place is awesome. I got a Dr Pepper float, and Scotty got the Brady Bunch float, which has chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with butterscotch soda. We left very full and happy.

Lunch Today

Then we came home and spent some time with our own lizard, haha. (Genbu also got to roam around, but after I had already put the camera away.)


Me with Loki

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