Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Freezer Meals and Getting Close

I haven't been doing the greatest job keeping up with this blog. I have another blog specifically for "baby stuff" to share with family & friends that is unlisted - if you would like to read it let me know and I'll get you the URL. I'm probably going to be primarily using that blog in the future. In the meantime, everything has been going well with my pregnancy and the baby boy. I actually haven't had any serious complications; everything has been going smoothly and I'm due in around 10 days!

This past month or so has been a whirlwind of checking things off my "to-do" list. The nursery is done (I'll share pictures in another post), including steam-cleaning the carpet and installing a ceiling fan (thanks Dad!). Just about everything baby has been washed and has found a spot. Plus, my mom came over this past weekend and we made freezer meals for when Scotty and I do not feel like cooking after his arrival!

I thought I'd share links to the meals as well as a Google Document I put together. Hopefully it can help you too! Here's what we did:

We will probably get 15 meals easily out of the above recipes since it's just the two of us. It only took about 2 and a half hours to make everything!

If you would like all of the recipes in one place, I made a Google Document that was very useful to have open during the cooking:

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