Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 NAMI Valley Walk

This past Saturday, Scotty, our friend Joe and I participated in the 2012 NAMI Valley Walk, a walk for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The NAMI Walks are set up to raise funds for awareness of mental illness and what's required to treat it and help people recover from or handle it. Scotty works for a behavioral health company, and his company contributed a large group of walkers. It was a nice fall day - a little warm but with plenty of shade and water available. There were two walks - a 1.2 kilometer and a 3 kilometer. We did the 1.2 because I had brought Raiden along and I was a little worried about him walking the whole way (turned out to be a good idea - he was pretty tired by the end).

Some pictures...

NAMI Walk 2012
Us in the parking lot, before the walk.

NAMI Walk 2012
Raiden enjoying the shade (he was such a hit with everyone, and a real sweetheart).

NAMI Walk 2012
Me with Raiden - taken by one of Scotty's coworkers.

NAMI Walk 2012
Us after the walk - in front of the Arizona State Capital Museum building, which is absolutely gorgeous!

I had a lot of fun and now have definite plans to return to the Capital Museum and check it out. I ducked in there to check it out briefly and loved it - I'm a history geek and I love Arizona so it was heaven for me.

Looking forward to the 2013 walk!

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