Sunday, September 2, 2012

Doctor Who Premiere Party

Yesterday was a very exciting day - the premiere of the seventh series of  Doctor Who. It's my favorite show, so I was really excited to be able to have some friends over and have a fun premiere party. In case you want to have a party of your own I thought I'd share what I did for the party and how everything turned out!

My decorations ended up being mostly TARDIS themed for some reason. I wanted more Dalek decorations but maybe I can save some ideas for that for next year.

On the front door I hung a TARDIS sign:
20. TARDIS Sign

This was very simple to make. I just bought some balsa wood from Michael's and spray painted it with Rust-Oleum brand spray paint in Deep Blue. After the paint dried I added vinyl letters from Hobby Lobby. Scotty sealed it for me and added two hooks and some wire so that I could hang it to the front door. Total cost was under $10.

I don't have a picture, but I strung these TARDIS String Lights ($20 from FYE) in our entranceway.

I also made a TARDIS banner:

21. TARDIS Banner

For this project I used blue and white felt from Michael's along with sticky letters and silver ribbon. The white felt was the kind with the adhesive back. I cut out the shapes (each TARDIS is half a rectangle of felt) and used fabric glue to stick everything on that wasn't already sticky. 

The TARDISes each say different things: "Doctor Who," "Timey Wimey" or "Police Box." This was so that I didn't have to buy multiple packs of sticky letters. I just came up with what I could say that was reasonably Whovian with one pack of letters.

22. TARDIS Banner I also printed out some signs that will be familiar to Whovians out there. Click each link for a printable.

19. Signs

For the table, I used a blue tablecloth and bought white and blue utensils/paper plates/napkins. My brother made me the awesome TARDIS you see below. I already had the scarf and sonic screwdriver, and I picked up the red Dalek for $10 at FYE.

27. The Table

Food and Drink

My menu for the party was as follows:
  • TARDIS Coral (rock candy)
  • Fish fingers (fishsticks, marshmallows or cinnamon sticks) and custard (I bought a big tub of custard from my local Fry's Food & Drug bakery)
  • Cupcakes with ball bearings
  • Banana chips
  • Apples (not pictured)
  • Jammie Dodgers
  • Apple grass (I found this product in a candy store. It's called Galerie Edible Easter Grass, but I think apple licorice would have worked equally well)
  • Pizza (not pictured)
  • Celery with garden vegetable cream cheese (not pictured)
I had little markers saying what each food was along with a tidbit of information about how it related to Doctor Who. I will upload the markers to Google Docs when I get a chance - the file isn't on this computer.

23. Banana Chips
24. Jammie Dodgers

For drinks we had soda, beer, antiplastic (blue punch) and mixed drinks. We followed these recipes for various Sonic Screwdrivers:
Sonic Screwdriver
1.5 oz vanilla vodka
1.5 oz blue curacao
6 oz lemon lime soda

10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver (blue)
1 oz blue curacao
1 oz citrus vodka
6 oz Ginger Ale 

11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver (green)
1 oz blue curacao
1 oz vodka
6 oz orange juice

BBC America was showing a Doctor Who marathon so we put that on for some visual entertainment. We all enjoyed watching the premiere of the seventh series and I had a lot of fun putting this party together! :)

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