Monday, February 7, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday 2/7

10 things I want for the future house:

1. A washer/dryer. Hopefully, this will be the first big purchase. I'm leaning towards the LG brand, and probably bright red...
2. A comfy, comfy sofa. Something with a chaise!
3. That lamp I saw at Hobby Lobby, which sadly was no longer there when I went to buy it with a gift card from Christmas. It was shaped like a tree trunk, with birds flitting in and out of it.
4. An alligator-shaped bathtub mat.
5. A basketball hoop.
6. A sulcata tortoise.
7. A nice new desk. Nothing big; something simple, like this.
8. This toy box to hold Loki's supplies. It matches her new vivarium!
9. A dresser.
10. A bigger TV. (Eventually.)

(Now, if only we'd hear back from the bank...)

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