Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday 3/14

10 Things I Am Looking Forward To
1. Our couch being delivered tonight! We have a sofa, loveseat and recliner coming sometime between 7 and 11 PM. Fingers crossed that it's sooner rather than later... I never stay up that late anymore!

2. The Renaissance Festival later this month! Every year I see many employees of the festival come in the library and we go every year. I love it!

3. ABLEconf on April 2. It's a business-oriented free software conference. It'll be my first year going.

4. Doing a "Day in the Life" in photos on April 2. It will be fun to do one in our new house!

5. Trying out the Mexican restaurant down the road from us. It is closed Sunday and Monday so that will have to wait! I've heard good things, though.

6. Playing Dragon Age 2! We have it but we just now got both PCs set up so we can finally play. I'm tempted to sneak over to Scotty's computer and start playing.

7. Having all the boxes unpacked.

8. Taking the books I've decided I don't need to Bookmans and Half-Price Books - not only will they be no longer taking up space, but I'll have money for more books!

9. Our housewarming party.

10. Swimming! I can't wait to relax in my in-laws' pool with everyone. It's been very warm lately so I think everybody is feeling ready for summer!


  1. holy cow, 7-11pm!!!! let's hope they are there at 7

  2. you shoulda donated your gently used books to cold stone for the suns charity thing. you get a free "like it" :)

    & I can't wait until number 10 either!!!

  3. Jennifer - I hope so too!

    Alicia - I totally meant to do that! Didn't they have to be kids' books though? I thought I heard that somewhere... oh well, I'll take the money and buy ice cream :) Can't wait to go swimming!

  4. unless you are an award free zone,i gave you an award on my blog

  5. you know, I think you're right on that. good point.