Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday 3/28

Hi everybody! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was fun - taco night on Saturday and then the Arizona Renaissance Festival on Sunday with Alicia and Chris. For this week's 10 Good Things on a Monday I'll be sharing the 10 things I love about going to the Renaissance Festival.

Scotty and I go every year to the festival with different people - friends, family and sometimes just on our own. It is always a good time!

1. Watching other people eat turkey legs

 2. Shirtless men in kilts, i.e. Tartanic!
3. The falconry show, which had lots of new birds this year.

4. Trying to sit in the "good guy's" section at the joust - and failing miserably.

5. Ded Bob - a classic comedy show with Bob and his dummy.
6. Any show with "LC" after it on the program (Loose Cannon) - it means the show will be geared toward adults and is probably going to be even more hilarious than usual!
7. The food! (Just ignore Alicia here; it was delicious!)

8. Souvenirs - we picked up a mug for Scotty and this little dragon figure for me. Isn't it perfect - a dragon and a cat to fit right with Loki and Sneakers?

9. Spending time with family and/or friends - whoever comes with us! It's so much fun.

10. The bizarre stuff people come up with!

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