Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our first week at home

This weekend Scotty and I moved into our new house - new to us, at least, and ours. We got the keys on Friday, and we spent the weekend moving (with the help of our awesome family), shopping (Ikea and other furniture stores - fun, but stressful!), and decorating our home.

I've wanted a house for a long, long time, and various setbacks and just the wandering way that life takes put it on the backburner for awhile. Scotty and I have for years remarked on and evaluated every house with a for-sale sign in front that we passed. I did research months ahead of time, and we knew in our minds what we wanted, so the process of picking out a house was relatively easy. As soon as we stepped into this one, which was only the second house we saw on our first day looking with the realtor, I felt comfortable, and happy.

I've been comfortable here ever since. Somehow it really feels like home even though I've only lived here five days. I usually talk in my sleep when I'm stressed or in a new place - both of those are accurate, but I haven't talked once.
Sneakers assists with Ikea construction.

We bought furniture over the weekend, all of which except for the sofa is in its proper place now, and discovered a few things: our little Chevrolet Cobalt can hold more Ikea boxes than we thought, Scotty is truly excellent at picking out rugs (for the wood floors in our living room, dining area and hallway), and our driveway is an optical illusion (it looks shorter than it is - it's actually very long).

We also got my cat back - Sneakers, a 14-year-old black and white kitty who originally belonged to my grandmother, then my parents, then us, then my mom and now us again. And of course, my bearded dragon Loki came with us, too. They're getting along pretty well. Sneakers is curious, but neither of them are aggressive or fearful of each other.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog/write more when everything settles and we get our computers set up. I feel like my Hearing Sparks blog is languishing, and can't wait to start writing again.

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