Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday 8/2/11

1. What is one thing you would do to decrease the national debt?
I'm not an economist... so I'm not going to pretend I have a magic answer. I do think a lot of inefficiencies could probably be corrected in each department that would eventually help the government save money. That's just from my observation of local/state government.

2. An XBOX player was just killed by a blood clot, because he was addicted to his XBOX and sat in the same position playing for too many hours.. Do you think people spend too much time playing video games?
I think that, like anything, video games can become too much of an addiction for some people. The same way alcohol, drugs, television, movies, and some other activities can be taken to extremes. Moderation is key no matter what you are doing.

3. What is the most random CD you own?
I just went and looked at my CD collection and didn't see anything super random... I don't buy CDs often so I guess I don't end up with random stuff.

4. Do you own a little black dress?

5. Did you ever fail your learners/drivers test?
Yes - crushed some cones while attempting to parallel park.

6. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Just to go out on a normal day, maybe 10 minutes or less. I'm quick. For work, a little longer because I am picky about what is comfortable so I have to pick out a comfy shirt/pants. But after that, it's quick.

Larry Flynt has said he has offered Casey Anthony 500k to pose nude for his magazine, Hustler Magazine. If you were offered 500k to pose for Hustler what would be your response?

Hahaha. I honestly have no idea what I would say. I'd probably turn it down though. I am super curious to see how I'd end up Photoshopped though!

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  1. i always figured it was in a magazines best interest to make you look good naked, so why not. unless it's some kind of freaky magazine, then no.