Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday 8/9/11


1.Christmas is a little over four months away! Do you think the year 2011 went by too quickly?????
No, actually it hasn't been going by too fast at all. In fact summer feels like it has dragged on and on... I am ready for some cooler weather!

2.Schools are starting back up! What was your favorite subject?

I always loved English and History. Even if the class was not interesting that day, I could read ahead in the textbook. History was always especially easy for me unless I needed to remember a date!

3.Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

Nah. Unless it was needed for a medical reason or I had some type of disfiguring accident. I wouldn't change myself as I am now. 

4.How many months is it until your birthday?
Ten! :(

5.Do you know exactly what you want to do with your life?

No, not really. I know a few things... but I definitely don't have a specific plan.

6.Would you be willing to be examined for medical research?

It depends on the type of examination.

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