Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introducing: Isis

I just realized there's a new member of our family I haven't posted about yet.


Her name is Isis. She's a beautiful, small, black and white kitty who made herself known at the end of last month. I think she was living as a stray around our house at least since we moved in, possibly longer, since I had seen glimpses of a tuxedo cat before. She could have been left by the previous owners of the house.

12. Kitty

I saw her outside one morning, got her close enough to pet her, and left some food and water out for her. The next morning she was in our backyard on the porch, meowing at us. Our screen door is missing the lower half of the screen, and when I opened the back door, there she was, practically already inside the house.


I wasn't sure about keeping her at first and asked around for anyone else to take her in, not really wanting her to go to the humane society or animal control. Pretty soon, though, it became apparent that this was her home, and so we decided to keep her.

15. Stray Kitty

She's been to the vet, and has probably already been spayed (she has a scar where it would have been done). She's a good cat, the only problems coming from our other, jealous cat, Sneakers. He's an old man and is grumpy sometimes, but we're working on it.

14. Stray Kitty

I'm glad to have her here.

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