Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raiden in the Backyard

When we first brought Raiden home, he didn't seem to enjoy himself outside. He'd stick close to us, even sitting on top of our feet, rather than explore.

Raiden and His Ball 4

It could have just been cold outside (and he hated his sweater, too), but for a little while I was afraid he'd never have fun outside.

Raiden and His Ball 3

Now, though, whether it's warmed up or he's just gotten more comfortable, he loves going outside. He races us to the door and loves to run around and smell everything.

Raiden and His Ball 2

One thing I love about dogs is their enthusiasm for everything. Cats may enjoy a couple of things and can make you crack up with their antics, but mostly, they're aloof. Just try getting a lizard enthusiastic about something. But dogs? Man, dogs love everything. Even stuff they're not supposed to love.

Raiden and His Ball

I think every animal brings something special to your life. Or at least, to mine. And for me, having a dog has brought me a lot of joy.


Now I think I'll head out to the backyard.

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