Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Thirtieth

The air conditioner has been out intermittently for the past couple of days, and finally seems to be fixed. I am so relieved... it's been so hot here. Last night it was 93 in the house and we had to sleep under wet sheets to stay cool. I've been feeling kind of out of sorts this week, and being super hot didn't help things, so I'm so happy it's fixed.

Scotty started work this week and is enjoying it so far even though there is a lot of training material to go through. He gets benefits starting tomorrow, so we have paperwork to do tonight, and he gets his first paycheck next week. I'm glad he's enjoying himself.

Loki is also doing well. With the air conditioner out, I had to fiddle with her basking area temperatures because it was getting way too hot. Today when it was fixed we were both at work all day and the basking temperature was set a bit low. So when I got home, she was super dark (she gets darker colored to try to warm herself up) and sitting on her basking rock glaring at me. I turned up the temperature and gave her some calcium-dusted peas and dead crickets and she's starting to warm up again, hanging out on the piece of wood up against her basking rock, watching me type.

She is really such a cool lizard. We have settled into the routine of giving her live crickets every Wednesday and Sunday along with her pellets and a variety of vegetables (leftovers from what we eat for dinner, basically) dusted with calcium. Every other day she just gets the pellets and veggies. Every morning when her light turns on I switch out her water and her food. She sleeps in her "tree," and has started to get so excited when I open the cage. She watches me lift the old food out and when I come back with the new food she just about jumps into the food dish. Then I feed her a bit from my hand, take her out for a bit and put her back in the cage directly in her food. They do really well with repetition, so I keep things the same as much as possible. The only thing I'm concerned about is she gobbles up the crickets and the veggies but doesn't seem to care for the pellets. She'll eat them, just not with the same gusto. Oh well, I'm sure she's fine.

Here's a few more Loki pictures:

In Scotty's hand.

You can't tell, but she's watching that cursor intently.

Right after attacking the cursor.

She's so funny.

Oh, and we went to breakfast and to see Toy Story 3 in IMAX 3D with the family this past weekend. It was pretty awesome, as you can tell:

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