Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've wanted a lizard for a couple years now, and for my 24th birthday on June 10th my mother-in-law gave me her blessing to buy one. (To be honest, when we move out, and the only person I have to ask about pets is Scotty, I fear our house will be overrun with cute little animals.) Scotty and I went to Petsmart, where a very nice staff member helped us pick out a colorful baby Bearded Dragon. I'd done my research, and we had a terrarium set up with his basking lamp, food and places to explore and hang out.

Unfortunately, that first Bearded Dragon passed away the day after we got him. We had just gotten back from buying some more items for his tank and found him dead inside of it. Nothing had seemed immediately wrong save the fact that he was just small and possibly stressed out. I was really sad. I'd looked forward to this for months only to have the poor Beardie get sick.

It took a day or two, but soon we were back in Petsmart, and a very funny and active Beardie caught my eye. We got her ("her" because that's how the Petsmart employee referred to her - she's too young to tell yet), and set her up in her tank. It was immediately easy to tell she is more healthy than the previous baby Beardie.

I have to say I just love her. I like all lizards, but she is a cutie. Bearded Dragons sleep at night and are active during the day (one of the things that makes them great for kids who might get bored with a nocturnal animal). Loki in particular goes to sleep as soon as her light turns off and wakes up as soon as it is on. She spends her days either basking or running from side to side in her cage and exploring everything. She likes green leaves and loves to stalk a marble she has in her tank, which will be removed when she is big enough to potentially swallow it. We are planning on buying crickets tomorrow for her to hunt, but everyday crickets are not feasible while we're living with in-laws and a dog so she gets pellets on other days.

Some pictures of Loki:

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  1. I think these little guys are native to the areas where I have lived. I love them too.Especially the wild ones that came into my yard every now and then. I have rescued a few from kids and cats over the years.