Monday, June 21, 2010

Won't you let me see you smile?

The sun is up, the sky is blue. It's beautiful, and so are you. -The Beatles

There were so many things about this weekend that said summer to me. From Beatles Rock Band to swimming to fajitas at my sister-in-law's house on Saturday evening, it all seemed so summery, so fresh and new. I may not love everything about summer, but I can't deny the infectious happiness that comes from it - as though every day has a hint of vacation about it and life is really worth living and enjoying to its fullest.

Maybe it's not just the fact that it's summer but because life is looking up, turning around. Scotty and I got him the business casual clothes he'll need for work, and in exactly a week he'll start at his new company. I actually really love this company: from the benefits, to the entire attitude, they seem like a place where somebody can build a career and feel happy about it. They help people, and they seem friendly and dedicated. Things may be a little wacky for awhile as we work out the best way to get both of us to work and back, but we'll work it out.

If he starts work at eight, it will mean getting to work 45-60 minutes early for me, but I don't mind. No one is there that early. The library is silent, and I can relax on the couch in the break room and get a solid half-hour or more of reading in while I have breakfast. Sometimes it actually takes what should be an inconvenience to show you how to take the time you need for yourself, I think.

I am happy, and confident. This summer is going to rock.

The wind is low. The birds will sing that you are part of everything. -The Beatles

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