Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Day in the Life: Jan 1, 2011

Here is my DITL for January 1, 2011... this month is all about the rounded edges! I had a cold or something going on with my sinuses this past week (which particularly sucked yesterday, which I spent throwing up and huddled in bed) but I did manage to take pictures.

DITL 01 - Midnight Kiss, Black and White
Midnight on New Year's! A kiss to celebrate 2011.

DITL 03 - Ready for Bed
And then a dose of generic Nyquil, to ensure I can sleep the night.

DITL 04 - Alarm
Yep... I definitely managed to sleep! Luckily Scotty fed Loki at her normal time, or she'd be really unhappy.

DITL 05 - Tissues
A recurring theme.

DITL 06 - Loki in Her Tree
Good morning, Loki.

DITL 07 - Fighting a Cold
Good morning, medicine.

DITL 08 - Internetting
Good morning, Internet, and Groupon.

DITL 09 - Cow Necklace
I go get ready for the day with my cow necklace (a Christmas present from Alicia and Chris).

DITL 10 - Getting Ready
Deodorant, and behind it, a whole row of Japanese Cherry Blossom stuff from Bath & Body Works. <3

DITL 11 - Star
Geeky hairclip, also from Alicia and Chris!

DITL 12 - Sparkles
I love how my perfume makes me sparkle.

DITL 13 - Gaming
When I come out of the bathroom, Alicia is trying a new game we got with Christmas money, 3D Dot Game Heroes.

DITL 14 - Pancakes
My awesome mother-in-law made pancakes and bacon for breakfast!

DITL 15 - Internetting
After breakfast - more computering.

DITL 16 - On the Road
Scotty and I head out to Walmart to procure the Move bundle for the PS3 (it comes with a Move controller, Sports Champions and a camera).

DITL 17 - Erasers
We also got these adorable erasers! Sorry it's blurry... but aren't they cute?

DITL 18 - Euchre
When we get home, Scott, Virginia, Chris and Alicia are playing euchre. (Alicia is holding the giraffe eraser that also came with the cows and panda above, which I gave to her.)

DITL 19 - Scott with the Move

DITL 20 - Playing with the Move
Scott & Scotty play some Sports Champions.

DITL 21 - Uno
And then we all play Uno.

DITL 22 - Loki Ready for Bed
Around this time, I went to check in on Loki, and realized the cool side of her tank was really much cooler than it should be. So I shut the window in the room, which brought up the temperature quite a bit. She finally turned light again (after being dark all day), ate some munchies, and then went to get ready for bed.

DITL 23 - Loki
So freakin' cute.

DITL 24 - Jack in the Box
Scotty and I are sent to Jack in the Box to procure tacos and spicy chicken sandwiches for everyone. 14 tacos!!

DITL 25 - Epic Mickey
I end the night with Epic Mickey.

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