Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loki's new castle

Scotty and I have been working on this project for awhile: a castle for Loki's tank, with a hide, basking spot, and spot for her food dish. It's made out of polystyrene (pieces attached with wood glue), grout, textured "stone" paint, and a layer of Mod Podge; the bricks were done with Sharpie.

Here it is, completed, in her tank:

It was really a very simple project, and can probably be done in a week or so. We just took our time with it.

I introduced it to her first before it was in her tank. She loved it right away and decided to "storm" it.

It was like she knew it was hers.

Once it was in the tank she quickly became fixated on one spot (where the Mod Podge slightly discolored the layer of grout beneath).

All in all, a really fun project for a really fun pet.

Speaking of Loki, how cute is this? It's a bad cellphone picture, but you get the idea.

She snuggled right up to my neck and practically fell asleep. Cutest thing ever.

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