Monday, June 20, 2011

Cellphone Pictures

Aren't cellphone pictures great? I love them. They usually turn out blurry and washed out, but they capture a moment.

Here are some random cellphone pictures from my phone - and yes, they are all of my animals. I love having these pictures on my phone to see my pets during the day.

IKEA Assembly Assistant (Cellphone Pic)

Sunbathing Lizard (Cellphone Pic)

Get to the sun any way you can (Cellphone Pic)

Buddies (Cellphone Pic)

Spring Fever (Cellphone Pic)

Guidance (Cellphone Pic)

Glass Dancing (Cellphone Pic)

Perch (Cellphone Pic)

Comfy (Cellphone Pic)

After Bath (Cellphone Pic)

Window Gazing (Cellphone Pic)

Race (Cellphone Pic)

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