Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Overlord Award

My friend Jennifer at What Would Jen Do awarded me the Overlord Award! Thank you, Jennifer!

To play, I must change three things, any three things I want, so I'm going with....

1. I would snap my fingers and make pigeons hate my house! Seriously, right now they love my house and I don't know why. I don't mind birds, but pigeons are so big and loud and messy. And they are soooo not afraid of anyone!

2. The city I work for would suddenly get a bunch of money. Maybe some anonymous donor or inheritance. It is such a good city with great programs. They deserve moolah they can do stuff with, and not to have to take the cost saving measures they have needed lately.

3. The Doctor from Doctor Who would be real! I just started watching the show with the new season that started this year. Now that it's on hiatus Scotty and I are catching up by starting with the 'new' first season with Christopher Eccleston. We just finished it the other day and are moving on to season two with David Tennant. I gotta say I really liked Eccleston! Either way wouldn't it be awesome if there really was a Tardis and time traveling and other worlds and dimensions? Cool stuff...

Anyway, I am going to give this award to the following people:

1. Arizona Writer
2. Caris O'Malley - okay, so I was waiting for a better award to give him (mainly one with princess graphics and sparkles, ideally), but mostly I just need an excuse to tell you guys to buy his awesome book: The Egg Said Nothing.
3. life and love and wings

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