Sunday, June 5, 2011

A House, Three Months Later

Last weekend, we hosted our housewarming party here, and I am really happy to report it was a success. We held it open-house style, from 11 - 7, for anyone to drop in whenever they wanted. I did most of the tours, and it was fun showing people around the house and seeing their reactions to our animals and our backyard. I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day, but I was also proud of the house, and it was fun to think about how empty it looked three months ago, versus the day of the party.

I took a few pictures today to match the "photo tour" I did the day we got the keys (March 4th), and here are some of my favorite before and "after" shots. These were taken today, not the day of the housewarming, so the house is not super clean or anything, just lived-in like it usually is. You can see all the photos by looking at my House Tour set on Flickr. The oldest photos are first in the set and then the new comparisons. Maybe I will do this again in a year, March 2012, to see how it changes by then.

House Tour: Front

House Front June
House Tour Update 6/5 Front 

Living Room/Dining Area "Great Room" March
House Tour: Living Room

Living Room/Dining Area "Great Room" June
House Tour Update 6/5 Living Room

Kitchen March
House Tour: Kitchen

Kitchen June
House Tour Update 6/5 Kitchen

Master Bedroom June
House Tour: Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom June
House Tour Update 6/5 Master Bedroom

Guest Bath March
House Tour: Guest Bath

Guest Bath June
House Tour Update 6/5 Guest Bath

Backyard, Farthest Point March
House Tour: Backyard

Backyard, Farthest Point June
House Tour Update 6/5 Backyard 

Some of my favorite things about the house... the guest bathroom, the sofa set, the kitchen, the backyard! I can't wait to see what another year or two brings. 

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