Friday, August 27, 2010

Worry less, smile more

I wish I could follow the directives on the picture above. Some of it, I'm good at. I smile. I take responsibility. I listen, I love, I don't hate and I feel good, most of the time. But worry less? Embrace change? It's not there. Not for me - I'm a worrier through and through. Until I have an answer, or a conclusion, I pick away at problems.

I am trying to take lessons from my own life and focus on not worrying and embracing the change. Recently we were driving Prudence, the new car, after a storm and a rock flew through the oil pan. Just like that we were back to one vehicle - my unreliable truck, Fiona - and the car with 1,000 miles on it was sitting in the yard. I was upset, yes. That, plus a couple of other factors, had me down in the dumps and worrying.

But today I'm happy. My awesome stepdad replaced the oil pan and fixed the car. A prescription I was worried about is finally at the pharmacy. We got the license plate for Prudence and a $94 check in the mail from the dealership because they overestimated the car's licensing fees. So everything all worked out. Yes, it cost an exorbitant amount for the parts, but that was all right. And now I'm happy.

So what I need to do is remember that during the trying times there will be happy times again. That a few hours or days or weeks later I will be feeling better, things will be looking up. They always do... problems don't remain problems for very long before they're resolved one way or another. No matter what the problem is - relationship trouble, family issues, car problems or work stress.

If I could just remember not to worry and think positive, I think I'd be happier. So here's to hakuna matata.

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