Friday, September 3, 2010


My plans for this wonderful, fantastic three-day Labor Day weekend are as follows in no particular order (Fiona is our truck, Prudence is our new car):
  • Get Fiona's brakes fixed at Brakemasters
  • Get Prudence's trunk locking mechanism fixed (it sticks a bit) under warranty at the dealership
  • Pick up my prescription if the pharmacy and doctor finally have things worked out
  • Stop by the mall to pick up a couple things
  • Play the heck out of Metroid: Other M
  • Get to work on constructing Loki's new basking platform out of polystyrene
  • Get Prudence washed
  • Go see Iliza Shlesinger at the Tempe Improv Saturday night
  • Do laundry
  • Pick up crickets for Loki
What ever happened to holiday weekends being fun and relaxing? Although, playing Metroid: Other M and seeing Iliza should be plenty of fun. It's funny, I'm so addicted to Metroid at the moment, but I've hardly gotten anywhere because I keep getting stuck. So I kind of suck at the game even though I love it and it's so much fun.

We saw Iliza on Comedy Central Presents a week ago and it was just a fluke that she happens to be in Tempe this weekend. Neither of us have ever been to the Tempe Improv but it sounds like fun. According to Yelp it is a bit small, but hey, when you're there to see somebody perform that can be good, right?

Fingers crossed that the brake repair on the truck (a) doesn't take too long and (b) isn't too expensive!

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  1. it sounds like a productive weekend! that's what I'm hoping for too.

    I saw the commercial for the new metroid game and I must admit, it looks pretty sweet. I may have to stop by to try it out (or watch if you don't feel like giving it up)

    & I'm planning on giving Bentley a bath this weekend too - I bought all the stuff to do it myself (I'm not satisfied with the places I've taken it too) so if you guys want to bring Prudence by maybe I'll help wash her too while I'm at it?