Thursday, September 9, 2010

Be calm

I've got a workshop tomorrow. Or rather... I'm giving a workshop tomorrow to 11 librarians. It's about social media. All I've been able to do the past few days is stare at my PowerPoint presentation. I just realized I printed everything out except for the slide notes. And I really need to check and make sure the slide will play properly on my personal laptop, which I'm bringing with. Mental note.

I went to Walgreen's today after work to pick up some soda and those Starbucks coffee things for tomorrow. They had Yellow Submarine folders and notebooks and I may have bought one of each thing they have. I'll bring it with me tomorrow. Just in case I don't look young enough in jeans and my READ shirt...

It's funny, I'm not really worried about knowing what I'm talking about, because I do know Facebook, and Twitter, and Youtube and Flickr and how libraries can use them. What I'm worried about is that I'll talk too quietly or freeze up or forget how to answer a perfectly simple question.

It'll be fine... deep breaths!

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