Sunday, September 5, 2010

Night at the (Tempe) Improv

Scotty, Iliza Shlesinger, me, Alicia, and Chris | Tempe Improv | Tempe, AZ | 09-04-10

I spent my Saturday evening at the Tempe Improv, on the periphery of the Arizona State campus, with Scotty, my sister-in-law Alicia, and Alicia's fiance Chris.

We had yummy yogurt before the show from Yogurtini.

Scotty and Alicia | Yogurtini | Tempe, AZ | 09-04-10
You serve yourself your own frozen yogurt, add your toppings, and weigh the container in front of the clerk. We spent $5 for cheesecake and red velvet frozen yogurt, and delicious apple juice.

Me and Scotty | Yogurtini | Tempe, AZ | 09-04-10
We went to the dinner showing, at 8 PM. We had drinks (except for me, the designated driver) and appetizers.

Two opening acts came on before Iliza Shlesinger. They were local comedians and they were great.

Alicia, Chris, and the two opening acts | Tempe Improv | Tempe, AZ | 09-04-10
Then Iliza came on and kept us laughing for the rest of the show. She was great.

Alicia and Chris getting Iliza's autograph | Tempe Improv | Tempe, AZ | 09-04-10
And after saying goodbye to her dog, we headed home.

Alicia and Iliza's dog | Tempe Improv | Tempe, AZ | 09-04-10
 What a great way to start September!

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  1. I had so much fun! thanks for letting us come along & I hope we can do it again!