Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend checklist

Pepper and Cheyenne | 09-06-10
So let's see... here's my to-do list for this weekend and I've crossed off what got done:

  • Get Fiona's brakes fixed at Brakemasters
  • Get Prudence's trunk locking mechanism fixed (it sticks a bit) under warranty at the dealership
  • Pick up my prescription if the pharmacy and doctor finally have things worked out
  • Stop by the mall to pick up a couple things (got them elsewhere)
  • Play the heck out of Metroid: Other M
  • Get to work on constructing Loki's new basking platform out of polystyrene
  • Get Prudence washed
  • Go see Iliza Shlesinger at the Tempe Improv Saturday night
  • Do laundry
  • Pick up crickets for Loki
Wow!  I did pretty good! I should make a list before every weekend.

Yesterday was my favorite day out of the weekend even though every day was pretty fun. It was nice to relax, go swimming and play board games with everyone. I hope your Labor Day weekend was as fun as mine!

Cheyenne | 09-06-10

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