Monday, September 27, 2010

A good weekend in bullet points

  • Chompie's in Tempe is my new love. As soon as I saw the episode of Man vs. Food where Adam Richman takes on their slider challenge, I knew I had to try it. Their Jewish sliders (mini challah rolls with beef brisket, cheese, and a potato pancake) are to die for. And I got to have them on Saturday evening with Scotty and Joe. <3
  • We followed up Chompie's with Gameworks with Scotty's cousin Stephen and his friend David. I became totally addicted to the games that give you tickets. We also caught some of the ASU game from the Gameworks bar. They may have lost but from what we saw it was a great game!
  • Scotty, Alicia, Chris and I bought Scotty's parents tickets to see Kevin Nealon at the Tempe Improv, and by their accounts it was a wonderful night!
  • Sunday we watched the nerve-wracking Cardinals game. Talk about stress, but it ended on a high note!
  • Football was followed by Virginia's amazing cooking, and home cooked tortillas!
  • The migraine I had this morning was immediately knocked out with ibuprofen. Normally ibuprofen doesn't work against migraines for me, so that was awesome, too.
  • And finally, Loki is finally shedding after looking gray and dull for weeks. (Speaking of Loki, he gained 45 grams in one week!)

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  1. That cartoon is the bomb. Negatron looks so sad and lonely. Awww.

    I am Fickle Cattle.