Monday, May 9, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday 5/9

For 10 Good Things on a Monday today I will be sharing 10 favorite photos I've found recently. I've been going through my photo files picking out photos I want to get prints of to frame... so many photos, it's a little overwhelming. But while I do so I'm finding a lot of photos I love that remind me of happy times... so here we go... in no particular order.

Me, Hans, my mom, and my brother PJ - in California for my Mom and Hans' wedding

My Dad and PJ on the night of PJ's graduation

Me in California with an R2D2 mailbox

I'll probably get in trouble for posting this... but this is Scotty's crazy family!

Scotty's cousin Danielle's daughter Lorelai, playing with my lens cap. SO CUTE.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law waiting in line to get a Wii. This makes me smile.

Same time... Chris and Alicia killing time while we waited.

Four generations... my great-grandma, my granny, my mom and me.

Women on my other side of the family... my aunts, cousins, stepmom and Nana.

My Auntie Beth rocking out with PJ and a friend of his TJ.

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  1. These are really nice pictures, you guys look like you are really having a lot of fun. My favorite is the one that spans four generations. That's so awesome!

    Thank you so much for sharing your Good Things (and pictures) for this week, Meg! Have a great week!

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