Monday, May 23, 2011

Closet Curtain Project... and Housewarming!

This week we are preparing for our housewarming party!

I am really excited about it. I still can't believe we've only been here in this house since March 4th. Coming up on just three months... how crazy is that? I love how much this house feels like ours in so short a time.

Of course there is a lot of preparation to be done before the party. Scotty is loving the new clippers he got to trim the palo verde trees in the back. We've been cleaning and organizing.

One project we did yesterday ended up really nice!

When we first moved in, the master bedroom closet had broken doors on it and the shelving inside was all crooked, broken, and lacked support. We used the IKEA Antonius storage system to line the floor with plenty of storage for folded items like jeans, pajamas, etc. (We don't even need the dresser in the room anymore... that's nice.) We also installed a standard closet rod up top, a bit higher than usual to accommodate some nice bins on top of the storage system.

Yesterday we put in a curtain rod and pretty curtains from Target to complete the closet. I really like it!

New Closet Curtains, Closed

New Closet Curtains, Open
It is just one more project to cross off our list, but it makes me happy whenever I go into the bedroom!