Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday - 5/10

1. What was your very first job that you went out and interviewed for and got?
That would be for a retirement community down the street from my high school. It was a large building and I worked as a server in the restaurant. I didn't have to deal with money or tips (I made minimum wage and the residents paid for their meals in the cost of their living arrangements), just food. I only worked on Sundays. It was easy for a restaurant job but the coworkers were heinous. No supervisor to speak of (he locked himself in his office and ignored everyone) and bullies galore. When I left I was told I could never work for them again. Good! It made me happy.

2. If someone gave you $50 and said that you had to spend it on yourself right now, what would you buy?
Clothes. I want to go clothes shopping this weekend, so this would just speed it up a little bit.

3.  How would you spend an entire day alone?
I love being alone... I mean, I love other people but I am just fine by myself and much more relaxed... I would just do what I usually do: watch tv, eat junk food and mess around on the computer.

4. What is one thing you’d change about the car you currently drive?
I'd fix my truck's transmission - pretty sure something is up with it. Uhmm, and change it so it is magically clean. It really needs to be cleaned and I am really lazy about it. I sometimes drive our Cobalt but I wouldn't change anything about that except maybe add more leg room in the back.

5. What is your favorite way to eat chicken?
Any way. I loooooove chicken. And I like other people cooking it for me because I get paranoid about it being cooked through.

6. Which one of these scented candles would you light?  A) vanilla B) crisp linen C) melon
Vanilla. I got a vanilla air freshener for the kitchen, and I love it. Linen would be ok, but a lot of melon scents smell really artificial to me.

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