Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day in the Life: April 2, 2011

I edited all of the photos below with the "Vintage Film Effect" as part of the FX Foundry collection of scripts for Gimp. As usual when I decide to apply the same filter to all of the photos, it works for some of them, not all of them... just pretend I was going for something artsy with the dichotomy of vintage effects on photos of technology :)

DITL 1: Morning
Good morning.

DITL 2: Antenna is working
Scotty shows me that he got the antenna working on the bedroom tv so now PBS World comes in! (P.S. I don't think that dog is 82 years old)

DITL 3: Turtle bath
Shower. I recently began showering in the mornings rather than the evenings. I like it a lot.

DITL 4: Good morning, Loki
The lizard is already awake!

DITL 6: Hanging out with Loki
Morning cuddles! (shirt)

DITL 6: Buddies window-gazing
Morning window gazing for the buddies.

DITL 7: Begging
Sneakers turns into a meerkat when treats are involved. I love these treats - I can give him a bunch at a time, and they control hairballs really well. They're the Temptations crunchy kind.

Scotty & I look at the schedule for the conference we are going to today and try to figure out what talks we want to see.

DITL 1: Golden Girls
I watch a little Golden Girls while we wait for our friend Dan to arrive.

DITL 10: Leaf
We first head to my dad's to pick up his truck, since we will need it to pick up a server rack we are buying from Craigslist.

DITL 11: Getting the server
The guys selling the server are actually giving a talk at the conference we will be going to. We stop by their office to pick up the huge rack. It was such a good deal, but this thing is massive!

DITL 12: Server loading
Load it on the truck & begin securing it.

DITL 13: New server rack
Once it's safely at home, we head to Tempe for ABLEconf.

DITL 14: Jack in the Box
...with a stop on the way for breakfast.

DITL 15: Setting the agenda
The boys pose for me as if they are looking over the schedule.

DITL 16: ABLEconf sign
We're in the right place!

DITL 17: Tuxes
Penguins for sale! (I didn't buy one, but I should next time!)

DITL 18: ABLEconf hangout
We meet up with a friend & former coworker of Scotty and Dan's, Nathan, and see a talk on Gimp.

DITL 19: Fry's Electronics
On the lunch break we head to Fry's Electronics, just down the street.

DITL 20: A geeky argument
The boys argue animatedly about something geeky.

DITL 21: Lunch at Fry's Electronics
I scarf down a pretzel and juice.

DITL 22: Loot from Fry's Electronics
My loot! AWESOME. Up till now, I only had a 2gb card.

DITL 23: Netbook branding
Back at the conference, I pick up an Ubuntu sticker for my netbook.

DITL 24: Heat Sink Labs
We stop by some of the displays and talk to these nice people from Heat Sync Labs, who have a 3D printer.

DITL 25: Printed die
They print us our very own d12 (12-sided die)!

DITL 26: Fry's Food & Drug
On our way home, we stop at Fry's Food & Drug (why did we stop at two places called Fry's today?) for some gaming food.

DITL 27: Loki models the new pillows
At home, Loki models our new pillows.

DITL 28: Sneakers
Sneakers keeps a lookout for the last member of our group so we can play some D&D.

DITL 29: Dungeon map
Once everyone has arrived, I start my game. Lots of fun!

DITL 30: Time for sleep
I'm ready for bed after a few hours. Good night!

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