Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing Genbu

My husband has loved tortoises for years and years. They've always been one of his favorite animals (sea turtles are first!) but of course so many tortoise species need to be housed outside and need lots of room, so getting a tortoise had to wait until we bought a house.

Luckily our new yard has plenty of space to roam, because we now have a beautiful little leopard tortoise!

His name is Genbu, and he's just adorable. He has a slightly runny nose we are keeping an eye on (luckily I know an excellent reptile vet because of Loki), and he's a little shy, getting used to his new surroundings, but he's perfect.

He's only about 3.25'' long now - but he'll get bigger!

A few pictures.

Loki and Genbu
Loki and Genbu. This cracks me up because it is about a half-second before Loki realized that Genbu is a living, breathing creature and started to puff up. She had no idea what to think of him!
Alicia with Genbu
My sister-in-law Alicia with Genbu

And a few of Loki just so she doesn't feel deprived with her new "brother"...
Loki asleep
While my in-laws were here, Loki was running around like crazy. Then she jumped off me onto the seat of the couch, stuck her head under the blanket and fell asleep.

Loki Stare

Loki in the Light

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  1. ahhhh! me without makeup = SCAAAARRRRY!

    haha. I love the pictures of loki under the blanket. It reminds me of the crazy look of that chipmunk.