Monday, April 18, 2011

A pathetic tortoise, and an award!

I am feeling pretty bad for our new little tortoise friend today.

He has some kind of respiratory infection, he's slightly underweight and he has parasites, according to the vet Scotty took him to Saturday. (our awesome vet)

So, he has to be dewormed, daily baths and (gulp) 10 shots over the course of 20 days. He is done with 2 of the shots and boy is he pathetic. I know... how can a tortoise look pathetic? They just look like grumpy old men, right? Well, Genbu manages it. We gave him a shot this morning. It goes in the pectoral muscle, so, his "shoulder", essentially. Gave him the shot, set him down, and he started wandering around without moving the leg on the side he got the shot on. Just dragged it around looking all sad.

Poor little dude. I know it's for the best, and hopefully he perks up soon, stops having a runny nose and starts eating.

In happier news I won an award from Jen at What Would Jen Do! Jen is an awesome person and you should all go read her. Thanks Jen!

To accept the award I have to post 5 facts about myself and then pass it on.

1. Sometimes I use completely the wrong word for the sentence I'm trying to say. Usually I get my point across but sometimes I get some weird looks. I don't know why I do it, my brain just inserts another random word in place of the right one.

2. Chocolate settles my stomach. No, really! I have IBS and usually chocolate is bad for IBS sufferers, but for me, it helps calm my tummy down. My sweet tooth appreciates it.

3. I love driving or walking around looking at houses. Scotty and I have been going on evening walks and my favorite part of it is seeing what other people do with their houses and yards.

4. I completely adore animals and find it impossible to kill anything, including bugs. Eventually I might end up a vegetarian, but I really love steaks and burgers and... let's not think about it too much.

5. My hair is so freaking wavy/curly, especially when it's short, that I get a lot of comments that I must have gotten a perm or curled my hair. Strangers never believe it does it on its own. I have learned to embrace it.

Passing it on to:

1. Enjoying the Small Things Each entry is like its own world to sit down and enjoy. Beautiful pictures and words.
2. Dreamers of Dreams Brieann's writing is always so thoughtful.
3. Morningstar Happenings This is a great, funny blog, following one family's story, including adoption.
4. life and love and wings My sister-in-law writes about her daily life, music and becoming an adult.

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