Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few videos: my typing and Genbu being cute!

Jen requested a video of my weird typing, and since I had the Flip camera (r.i.p. Flip) out to get some cute videos of Genbu, I thought, why not? So I had Scotty record while I typed an online typing test.

(Also I don't know why I ended up with that black border around the video - it must have something to do with the way I exported it. I'll try to figure it out for next time.)

I have no idea why I type like this. I learned to type in middle school during a computer class. Once we finished our typing lesson we could do whatever we wanted during the rest of the class period, unless there was a lesson planned. So I had ulterior motives for learning to type quickly - I just don't know why I do it oddly.

And here are two cute videos of Genbu. You can see him eating in one, and in the bath in the other. He loves strawberries which is hilarious because my bearded dragon Loki is terrified of them. I don't mind if he spoils himself on strawberries... I'm just happy he's eating.

1 comment:

  1. it looks like you're going to use your other fingers but then you don't
    i've never been a great typer, i'm faster than a lot of people but i'm not super accurate anymore. i spend a lot of time backspacing.
    genbus salad looks good enough to share