Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This week's Sunday Scribblings prompt: Remember on Sesame Street when they said that today's episode was brought to you by the letter M? Well, the prompt today is brought to you by whichever letter you choose!  You can be silly and choose a letter of the alphabet, or you can be serious and talk about an actual letter.  Whatever you choose to use, have some fun with it if you can!

A is for Android. Over the weekend Scotty and I both got Android phones (the LG Envy Ally - thanks Alicia!), and I'm so addicted!
B is for Their forums are a wonderful resource.
C is for Cucumber. My sandwich today has cucumber slices, cream cheese, turkey slices and pepperjack cheese. Delicious.
D is for Dairy Queen, where we stopped last night after running some errands. I love the simple vanilla cones.
E is for Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev, the current book I am reading (and it's very good so far).
F is for Family. Love ya.
G is for Games. A collector's edition of Dead Rising 2 was just announced and looks awesome.
H is for Hope.
I is for IBS, which is very annoying.
J is for Jones Soda. Scotty bought me some last night and I am enjoying one today - Fufu Berry.
K is for Kitten. Someone left one in a Philadelphia library bookdrop last week. Why do people do things like this?
L is for Loki, who is now eight inches long and still super cute.
M is for Magazines. A pile of them at work today.
N is for Nervous. Darn anxiety.
O is for my stuffed Owl, who perches on the edge of my cubicle reading all day long.
P is for Politics, which I am thoroughly sick of.
Q is for Quit. I just saw on AZCentral that Louis Amundson is likely leaving the Suns, and it's depressing.
R is for Rain, which finally came last night. It smelled so good outside and I loved it.
S is for Savings - slowly going up.
T is for T.C. Eggington's, where Scotty and I went for breakfast with his cousin on Sunday. Yum.
U is for Underneath. Under my Jones Soda cap, it says, "a friend will bear great news."
V is for Valentine's Day - hopefully watching that movie with my mother- and sister-in-law tonight.
W is for Workshops. The date of the workshop I will be putting on for the county, on social media, has been set - September 10.
X is for X-Files. I saw a copy of the recent movie for sale last night and it reminded me how much I used to love that show.
Y is for Yoohoo. I almost got a case of that drink last night. What makes it so delicious?
Z is for Zelda. The new Legend of Zelda video game looks like it will be fun.


  1. dear sis,
    you got the ally didn't you? or did they come out with an envy that has the android software on it?
    your sis

  2. p/s: WHAAAA? (I just got to Q) how could he do this?! where else will he go?! my heart is not broken. :(

  3. Alicia - yes the Ally! Thank you! I thought it didn't sound right. :)

    About Louis, I know! I can't believe it. It's crazy.

  4. Quite an alphabet! I am impressed that you were able to go through the whole thing :)