Monday, July 19, 2010

Loki update

I can't help it, I just love this lizard. :)

Loki is now 7.5'' and almost done shedding her legs. I think her back will be next.

I also made a little sign for her. I know... I'm crazy. But the sign was cute (99 cents at Michael's) and Scotty came up with a really easy way for me to paint it and have nice crisp lines.

We added some slate tiles to her tank over the weekend which should help keep her nails trimmed as she runs over them. Pretty good deal at Home Depot - four slate tiles for $4. They are heavier than they look!

This is her current tank setup with the tiles over reptile carpet, the tree she uses for basking, her little dragon figure, the tiles and some other odds and ends for her. (Can you spot the bearded dragon? And no pointing at the fake gecko - only baby Lorelai is allowed to do that!)

And here she is on a tile:

Loki also particularly loves her little hammock. She sleeps in it every night but she is also prone to jump to the other side of it from her basking log. Then she hangs out there until she feels like dropping down onto the floor (I admit I thought she was stuck the first time I saw her do it.)

Today, she is eating like crazy. She has already eaten all of the canned crickets I put in her food dish (tho she hasn't touched her kale or her pellet food) and I had to give her more. Growth spurt I guess!

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  1. Slate is SO amazing for lizard nails. I use it with miss Prog. Canned crickets smell SO SO SO terrible I don't know what to do with myself. But they DO seem to be very tasty!