Friday, July 9, 2010

Reptile obsessed

Yesterday, Scotty deposited his first paycheck into savings and we are now 1/10th of the way towards a down payment on our house. Not much, but in two weeks that will go up again, and keep climbing, with any luck. I'm excited, trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I can feel them brush the ceiling. I can't wait to start looking around. It's not even entirely just because we'll be picking out a house. I also have this fascination with floorplans and house layouts and what people do with their homes. Getting to peek into people's houses, legally, is going to be kind of fun.

Although I do think somebody could make quite some money taking photos for realtors. Surely satellite photos and crooked, blurry, timestamped photos don't do much to sell a home.

I finished a book today called Flyaway by Suzie Gilbert. This particular book is part of the library's nonfiction book club, though I didn't read it to participate in that. It's about the author, and the at-home bird rehabilitation center she sets up to take care of injured songbirds (and of course the occasional raptor or duck). Taking care of injured animals is tough business, but the journey Gilbert takes is absolutely fascinating. All I have to take care of right now is a baby bearded dragon, but I really saw some similarities in how she cares for the birds and how I take care of Loki every day. Luckily, unlike a baby songbird, Loki doesn't need to be fed every 15 minutes.

Speaking of Loki, I feel as though I need a t-shirt that says "Reptile Obsessed." Going to Petsmart and Petco are doubly fun because I get to look at all the reptiles there. Corn snakes, Chinese water dragons, their bearded dragons, leopard geckos... I just think they are all so cool. Petco in particular had some beardies bigger than Loki by a few inches and one that looked almost mature, just small (and cranky!). They were really fun to watch, though they seemed a bit shy - definitely more shy than mine, but then, Loki gets taken out of her cage pretty often. We went to both those stores last night looking for a particular basking light (an Exo Terra SunGlo bulb) but were foiled because we didn't know what wattage the lamp itself takes. While we were there, I got a little purple dragon statue in the aquarium section for her tank. She just needs some virgin sacrifices, I think, to really feel like a dragon.

Well, my lunch break is just about over and I better get to work again.

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