Friday, July 8, 2011

Repairing a Reptile Climbing Wall

My bearded dragon Loki is the proud owner of this Exo Terra Terrarium, which comes with a climbing wall on the back. Loki absolutely loves the wall, to the point that she had torn it to shreds and was ending up with styrofoam all over her and the terrarium. I decided to see if I could fix it.

I hope this helps anyone else who has a similar situation. It ended up being a very easy fix with a coat of spraypaint and some Mod Podge.

Here is the wall Before...

Reptile Climbing Wall Before

You can see the parts she's managed to shred. The nicer-looking part of the background, to the right of this picture, was towards the bottom where she didn't climb often.

Reptile Climbing Wall Comparison

Scotty spray painted the wall using Valspar stone spray paint. We had it left over from when we created the castle inside Loki's tank. We gave it a few days to dry and air out.

Reptile Climbing Wall Repainted

I painted over the wall with Mod Podge. I went pretty thick on it, mainly because I got bored. It still came out just fine. I am definitely a "glopper."

Loki's Wall, Dried

And here it is back in Loki's tank!

Loki's New Wall

The wall is not perfect, by any means. It still has the appearance of being roughed up and it looks like bits are going to fall off. However, it is very definitely sealed and is smooth when you run your finger over it.

We created the castle, linked above, in a similar way. It just involved cutting out the styrofoam ahead of time. We glued together the pieces of styrofoam using wood glue, went over it with the spray paint, and Mod Podged it. Next time I need to make something like this I will definitely create a tutorial for it.

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