Monday, December 13, 2010

DePhoMo 13 + a Day in the Life

Ugh. I'm not feeling great today. I hurt my back wrapping Christmas presents, and my stomach has been hurting since yesterday. Meh. Maybe writing out this Day in the Life will distract me...

Fair warning: this DITL contains a lot of Loki and crappy eating. Also, this DITL was taken entirely with my new lens, which has a fixed focal length. Since I did this DITL with the lens to get used to it, some of the photos might look a little funky.

I woke up at 6:30 and put my hearing aids in. It's hard to aim at the side of your head... but I like how this makes me look sort of Borg-ish.

I grab my book for the day. This book was sent to me free by Harper Perennial because I'm on an email list of theirs... love it so far.

Somewhere in that lump on the bed is my husband. That blanket is the comfiest blanket ever.

I am not awake.

Mustard greens for the lizard.

Attempt to weigh the lizard. He is 257 grams, up from 252 last week. Gaining weight, but not length. He's been at 16'' since November 21.

Back in the bathroom, Loki cuddles with me and my camera strap. My shirt says: Geek by nature. Linux by choice.

He is SO not happy that I tricked him into the bath. A far cry from his bath last week that he spent swimming around in the sink. (Here's a video.)

I pull out my new journal to write a shopping list.

A black and white cookie for breakfast? Don't mind if I do.

Getting ready to go...

Scotty is already ready, so he gets some Minecraft in before we head out.

We get just down the block before we remember our phones, so I go back in to get them.

While I'm gone, Scotty photographs the sea turtle hanging from Prudence's rear view mirror.

Our first stop is Chris and Alicia's to take their Christmas photos. They are both kind of obsessed with copper, and have a giant sheet of it above their dining room table.

I wrassle with a pit bull.

Yeah, she's not going to let me get up.

Ahahaha my hair.

She really is a sweetheart. (This is my DePhoMo pic.)

A sample shot from the photoshoot, which went OK except the dogs were crazy.

Then to Scotty's aunt's to help them troubleshoot their wireless.

Scotty's cousin Stephen shows us kung fu videos on the only computer that has internet, then lets Scotty get to work.

I <3 their kitty.

After fixing their internet, we go to Chompie's for breakfast. I get the crepes filled with carmelized bananas. Yummmm.

We then spend the rest of the day shopping. Walmart, the mall (pictured above), Petsmart, and Gamestop. It was exhausting. Really did not mean to be out so late.

We get a quick dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and watch some of the 3rd quarter of the Cardinals game.

I actually got a drink! It was delicious, but I just don't drink things fast enough.

Back at home, I separate out the presents and stuff. Big find of the day: my robot necklace! I already had one, but it broke, and I lost the robot forever. We finally found another one at Claire's.

Loki gets the last dose of his medicine and is not happy about it. He clings to my shirt for awhile.

Scotty's mom shows us the wreaths she worked on today.

Alicia, Scotty and I try out the demo for NBA 2K11 on the PS3. It's completely awesome, even if it only lets you play as the Lakers in the demo.

Loki investigates the pants.

And Scotty's laptop case.

All of us make a run to Dairy Queen. It was just as delicious as Alicia is indicating. After that, we headed home, and I went to bed early.

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