Friday, December 31, 2010

DePhoMo 25 - 31

Cheyenne With the Tree

DePhoMo 25 - Cheyenne posing with the gifts, Christmas morning.

Sushi at Sekai Sushi - Mesa, AZ

DePhoMo 26 - Sushi at Sekai Sushi in Mesa. Very very good - but I have to say the curry and pork that Scotty's mom got blew everything else out of the water.

Loki on Christmas Day

DePhoMo 27 - Loki on her rock (actually taken Christmas Day).

Alicia with Pepper

DePhoMo 28 - Alicia with Pepper (taken Christmas Eve).

Pepper in the Car

DePhoMo 29 - Pepper in the van (also taken Christmas Eve).

Parrots at the Wildlife World Zoo

DePhoMo 30 - Parrots at the Wildlife World Zoo.

Loki on Scotty

DePhoMo 31 - Loki on Scotty's back.

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