Thursday, December 23, 2010

DePhoMo 17-21

This should have been posted on the 21st! I totally forgot about it.

Zebra at the Wildlife World Zoo

DePhoMo 17 - My favorite picture from our visit to the Wildlife World Zoo on the 17th.

DePhoMo 18 - I took this earlier this month but never shared it. Cheyenne sleeping on our bed.

DePhoMo 19 - I also took this earlier this month. I got this advance copy of Wither by Lauren DeStefano in the mail totally randomly. I really need to get started on it!

Owl Says Read

DePhoMo 20 - My cute little reading owl at work.

Musical Horse

DePhoMo 21 - At work we had a "Decorate a Stocking" contest and I came in 2nd place with my drawing of a cow. (I'll have to take a picture of it.) I won this musical rocking horse! Sorry about the busy background; I wanted a picture after I had unwrapped it at work.

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